What's Included:

  • Pre-Process

    Adoption education that will lay out what to expect throughout the process as well as help you determine the best: type of adoption, agency and adoption plan for you and your family.

  • During Process

    Personalized guide throughout the process: step-by-step guide with pre-written letters for your adoption profile book, what to expect and how to prepare for your home studies, how to make a connection with a birth mother, self-matching, wait time expectations and preparation, finding an attorney and preparing for finalization.

  • Post Process

    What to expect and how to prepare for the hospital. Adoption finalization. Financing adoption: grants, loans, and tips to privately adopt debt free!

What Makes This Course Special?

  • Created by an adoptive mother of two that personally understands the process. Collaborated and supported by experts in the field of adoption (agents, attorneys, social workers, CPA's).

  • Intended to save you TIME and MONEY! Consultants are EXPENSIVE! Self matching often leads to scams and can take FOREVER! This course is designed to give you consultant-like guidance WITHOUT the price tag!

  • Teaching you the value of connection! This course is designed to teach you how to make an instant connection so that you may find your perfect adoption match quicker!

Check Out What Current Students are Saying:

“This course is exemplary! It calmed all of my anxiety because it breaks each and every step down so clearly and into manageable pieces that I could then use to create my plan. It gives specific resources and regulation information that is specific to your state and the agencies available for each type of adoption that may be pursued. I would recommend this to literally anyone that is going through the process, whether it be out of sheer curiosity or that you are in a more serious place of considering adoption. It helped give me a plan, and the plan provided us so much hope and encouragement in our journey to our little one!”

Erin (hopeful adoptive parent)

“I just have to say this is an amazing resource!!! The information provided just kept impressing me more and more with each click! ”

Nicole R. (social worker)

“As a former adoption social worker I would most definitely recommend this to prospective adoptive parents! One of my favorite features was the step-by-step guide to the profile book. I love the dear birth mom letters. You most definitely have the gift of writing… Your letters are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Providing prospective adoptive parents with letters they can use verbatim, along with the online Facebook support group alone are worth the cost of the course!!! ”

Traci M. (former adoption social worker)

“I would pay for this course over and over again with how much I learned!”

Erin V. (hopeful adoptive mother)hope

“The step by step depth, knowledge and support provided throughout the course is impeccable! The process can be overwhelming and I believe with access to this educational and supportive course, future adoptive parents will be able to easily and confidently navigate the road of private infant adoption. ”

N.R. (foster care case manager)

“A thoughtful, comprehensive guide to help hopeful families navigate the adoption process from start to end. Lots of great lessons to learn in this course!”

Melissa K. (adoptive mother)

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Meet Your Adoption Advisor

Briana Baker

"Queen of Connection"

After a 7-year battle with infertility, my husband, Steve, and I decided to start our family through domestic infant adoption. Since then, we have successfully completed the adoption process TWICE, resulting in the open adoptions of our two, beautiful girls from birth! Before the birth of our second daughter, I had made the decision to leave my career in management and become a stay-at-home parent. However, I still felt a calling to do more... After our own struggles throughout the adoption process, I felt compelled to share the knowledge and insight that I have learned as well as the experiences/thoughts/expertise of others (birth mothers, adoption agents, social workers, adoption lawyers, CPA's, other adoptive parents, and adoptees). I started a blog, Struggle Shuttle (https://www.struggleshuttle.com), in August of 2020 to do just that! However, since the start of the blog, I have been continuously approached with inquiries as to how to navigate the adoption process AND how to do it successfully! Everybody wants a how-to guide WITH personal support for adoption. The problem is...there isn't one... Adoption is a learn as you go process, unless you spend thousands of dollars on an adoption consultant... Until now... I have created this bundle to help you easily navigate the entire process of private infant adoption. My goal with this course is to clearly communicate what to expect during each step of the process as well as give you the tips and tools to execute the process seamlessly and at a FRACTION of average consultant fees. Parenthood is already stressful enough... let me stand by your side and relieve the stress of getting you there!